JJ Rabbit


We strive to thrill parents and kids with fun and functional products that make mealtime enjoyable and easy. We want JJ Rabbit to be the favorite cup or plate or bib that your kid remembers when it’s time for them to have kids. Our design philosophy is moderncontemporary, and fun. * First, the design must be safe and functional. * Second, it must excite and inspire kids. *Third, it should look great to parents too.

SAFETY & THE ENVIRONMENT: In our view, safe, sustainable, and environmentally responsible products are a basic part of doing business. It is the ante to be in business, not the differentiator. With what we know now, manufacturing products with BpA or Phalates is simply irresponsible; and it is contradictory to nurish our children while destroying their planet. We spend a lot of time thinking about, testing, and verifying safety and environmental responsibility in every step of our business.

JJ RABBIT: So, who is JJ Rabbit? Well, he is always there with you during meal time, putting a little magic into every bite and every sip. He loves you and wants you to have fun. He believes in enjoying life and cherishing moments. He is a part of our family and we hope to make him a part of yours as well.